Expected Results

Here are some of the outcomes my clients have experience from our together:

An inspiring vision for your life and the ability to create what you want:  You will get clear on what you want to create in your life (and your business) and have the tools, mindset and confidence to take the action to make it happen.

  • A partner in a law firm was able to leave a toxic work environment, take a two year sabbatical to travel and rest, and then restart her practice in a healthier way.

Improved relationships:  The most important relationship that will improve is the one you have with yourself.  You will have more compassion for yourself (and others) and fewer judgements and critical thoughts about yourself and the world around you.  Your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills will dramatically increase which will allow you to have deeper and more satisfying connections with family, friends, colleagues, employees and clients.

  • A healer worked way too many hours as a way to avoid dealing with her controlling spouse. As she became more aware of her own unhealthy patterns and took responsibility for changing them, her marriage improved, her relationships with her clients changed and she was able to charge more, work less and make more money.

Work/Life balance:  You will take control of your schedule and spend your time doing more of the things you want to do and less of the things you don’t.  In your business you will be more productive by focusing on the tasks that require your expertise and unique abilities and delegating the rest.  You will take more time for yourself and regularly engage in activities you enjoy.  You will learn to relax and even take more vacations.  Your stress will decrease and your happiness will increase.

  • A tightly wound, goal driven financial planner who rarely took time off learned that less is more. Once he gave himself permission to explore his interests, schedule regular “me” time and take “unplugged” vacations, he reached his goals easier and made it to the next production level sooner than expected.

Passion and Purpose:  Passion for your life and your business will be renewed.    Your connection to a higher purpose will drive your life and your business and you will find satisfaction in the process, being happy in the moment instead of tying happiness to an outcome.    

  •  A husband and wife design team were exhausted and on the brink of burn out from trying to look like a big agency while working from home with 4 kids under the age of 7. They allowed themselves to be who they are, embraced their uniqueness, discovered who they love to help, developed a talented team and are now having so much more fun in their life and business.

Higher income:  This is actually a by-product of the other changes listed.  Many of my clients find that when they have more balance, are working more productively in their genius, are enjoying more satisfying relationships with the people around them and are generally happier, their business increases and their income goes up.

  • The husband wife team mentioned above has double their income and are getting ready to move into their dream home in their dream community.

Who are my clients:

Demographically my clients are a melting pot. Men and women between the ages of 30 and 70 in a wide variety of industries:  doctors,  lawyers, financial planners, IT professionals, personal development specialists, health and wellness professionals, insurance agents, advertisement executives, transportation services, horse trainers and artists.

 But there are some core things they have in common:

  • A heart of service and a desire to make your world better. People and relationships absolutely matter to you.
  • A High Achiever who is able to take action and accomplish amazing things when you decide you want it.
  • Open minded with a desire to grow and learn about yourself and expand your perspective on the world around you.
  • A good sense of humor. You can laugh at yourself and find the levity in most situations.
  • Adaptable and willing to take risks and feel uncomfortable into order to do, be or have what you want.

How we can work together:

If you are ready break through the barriers holding YOU back from getting the results YOU want, I have 4 levels of private individual coaching available and that I customize to fit your needs.

Working with Melanie has been the best thing I could have done, not only for my business, but for my personal life as well.  She has helped me organize my life into bite-sized pieces that can be conquered and holds me accountable.  Melanie is direct, forthright and extremely insightful with her questions.  The barrier that I once felt was holding me back no longer exists!  Not only are my ideas being developed professionally, my personal life is flourishing.  I am happier, calmer, have more time to spend with my family and am more productive than I have ever been!

Martha Stowe

True Equine

Franklin, TN


Melanie was GREAT to work with!  She has such a good sense of humor, and was able to give me a kick up the arse with great gentleness.  She has a lot of wisdom and experience to give, and do that with compassion.  I learned a great deal not only about running my business but also about myself so I now have greater skills for life.


Working with Melanie has really transformed my business – literally.  I am not sure I would still be in business if I hadn’t made the decision to work with her.  I really like her approach of addressing the whole person and business together – addressing blocks to progress within me AND in my business.


Cathy Kwan

Blue Koala Physiotherapy

United Kingdom


I have been in sales/management and an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I am really good at what I do and I know how to make well into the high 6 figure arena. My struggle has been learning how to make everything fit in my life so that I can do what I love to do professionally, spend time with my family and enjoy my life. Melanie has given me the tools to do that and so much more.


Diane Cooke, Owner

Global K9 Services

Franklin, TN




One of the reasons I came to Melanie was because I was feeling overwhelmed with building my business and I had some strong limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I chose to work with her after I attended one of her workshops and she was able to help me identify key areas where I needed to grow. Melanie has a gift of shining the light on those ‘blind spots’ that are otherwise difficult to see and she has given me the practical tools I needed to overcome challenges. While working with Melanie my focus, confidence and business have grown which has resulted in more clients and speaking opportunities. Having Melanie as my coach has been invaluable and has equipped me to take my business to a much higher level.   I am so grateful for her intuition, compassion and expertise!

Barbara Gustavson

Leadership Coach



Working with Melanie has been a breath of fresh air.  As someone more or less moving from a hobby to a business, the tasks I knew I had to complete seemed overwhelming and unmanageable. While the list was long, we tackled it together.   She pushed me to tease out the reasons ­ the “why” in doing what I want to do. She helped me to articulate what I had to offer that was different than other photographers. Once I understood what made me unique, we outlined timelines ­ from tomorrow, the end of the year, and then beyond.  We also discussed mission and vision statements as well as product offerings and price points.  She has helped me to believe that what I think I am able to do is in fact, real.

Cynthia Pixley


Pixles by Pixley


After sixteen years in business it seemed that both the company and I had hit a long, drawn out plateau.  Managing a business in these economic conditions requires constant innovation and fresh ideas.  And what we seemed to have fallen into instead were ineffective routines. We were constantly dealing with the same problems and relying on the same outdated methods for trying to solve them.  It seemed like no matter what we tried, we could never get to that break out moment.

Since we started working with Melanie our business has seen significant improvements in our methods, profitability and overall performance.  As an organization we’re back to striving for constant growth and consistent progress.  Melanie provides something that is hard for most entrepreneurs to find – an unbiased outside perspective.  She helps me unlock and execute the ideas that I’ve been unable to act on.

Melanie has a sound, business-based approach to problem solving that makes her a great partner for our business.  What a relief it is to no longer feel the constant pressure of being on my own when it comes to solving the major challenges in my business.

Eric Watkins, CFO

Infinity Technologies



I was ready for my business to grow and needed to be able to clearly see my path. During our half day intensive, Melanie helped me realize and develop a personalized path to create a successful business. Her insight is amazing. She gave me the push that I needed to take my business to the next level and move beyond limiting beliefs.


Linda Clevenger, Owner
Organization Direct


Yes Melanie, I’m ready to get started!




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