Walter Bouchard
Walter BouchardFinancial Planner | Bouchard & Associates
From the first meeting I had with Melanie I knew my life and my business were about to change. I began talking with her about the goals I had for my business and within a few minutes she started asking questions that opened my eyes to what was missing and gave me clarity for my future.

It was truly amazing! I pride myself on knowing my business, having a big vision and being self-aware. She quickly helped me to peel away layers of confusion, self delusion and self doubt. She brought a strong message with a compassionate presentation – exactly what a hard headed entrepreneur like me needs!

Over the years, I have been blessed and amazed by my interactions with Melanie. She is truly a student of her own art, constantly striving to develop herself and her abilities. Other coaches I have worked with seem to have a limited tool box and easily plateau with you. Not Melanie! She has a consistent core message but continues to bring new value to the table by regularly adding and modifying tools and showing her clients how to use them in simple and straightforward ways.

In order to work with Melanie, you need to be ready to break through barriers and challenge yourself and those around you to perform at peak levels. She has the strength, tempered with diplomacy, to call you on the things that are holding you back and empower you to make lasting changes in your business, your life and ultimately to the world as a whole!

A big question business owners ask themselves is “can I afford to do this?” I can truly say that when it comes to working with Melanie – YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO! If you are ready to realize your potential and have the success you envision, Melanie is definitely the coach to help you do it!

Diane Cook
Diane CookOwner of Global K9 Protection Services & Harley Davidson Dealerships
I have been in sales/management and an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I am really good at what I do and I know how to make well into the 6 figure arena. My struggle has been learning how to make everything fit in my life so that I can do what I love to do professionally, spend time with my family and enjoy my life. Melanie has given me the tools to do that and so much more.

Now, I am able to put more people to work for me, enabling me to finally do what I like to do professionally, when I want to, but also do what I want personally when I want to do it! This was my biggest challenge through all the years! Finding the balance and knowing when to let go of the things “only I could do!” in my businesses. When Melanie asks the right questions, shows me the plans I’ve talked about, she invokes me to take action and I see the differences!

Sometimes, when we talk over the phone, it’s just hearing back what I’ve said, from her point of view that allows me to see my vision of a new service or methodology or marketing plan, and instantly a plan unfolds in front of me! I hang up and the ideas are spinning – within hours, my whole plan is complete! My businesses are truly successful and I am the mom, wife and daughter I’ve always wanted to be! I’m even assisting others in achieving their dreams by helping them move up the ladder of success- and this only helps my companies more! I couldn’t be happier with my investments in myself and with Melanie! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for my family, my businesses and for me!

Eric Watkins, CFO
Eric Watkins, CFOInfinity Technologies |
After sixteen years in business it seemed that both the company and I had hit a long, drawn out plateau. Managing a business in these economic conditions requires constant innovation and fresh ideas. And what we seemed to have fallen into instead were ineffective routines. We were constantly dealing with the same problems and relying on the same outdated methods for trying to solve them. It seemed like no matter what we tried, we could never get to that break out moment.

Since we started working with Melanie our business has seen significant improvements in our methods, profitability and overall performance. As an organization we’re back to striving for constant growth and consistent progress. Melanie provides something that is hard for most entrepreneurs to find – an unbiased outside perspective. She helps me unlock and execute the ideas that I’ve been unable to act on.

Melanie has a sound, business-based approach to problem solving that makes her a great partner for our business. What a relief it is to no longer feel the constant pressure of being on my own when it comes to solving the major challenges in my business.

Lindsey S. Managing Director
Lindsey S. Managing DirectorGlobal Advertising Agency, Fortune 500 brands
I have been working with Melanie for over a year — one of the most challenging and yet incredibly expansive years of my life. Finding myself in a spin of overworking, personal struggles resulting from a past relationship and a lacking value in myself, I was keen to find an expert who could objectively help me find my way out and sort some of the issues I couldn’t see myself — and do so in a way that explored my whole life.

Not just my professional or my personal or my past, but my current life in its entirety and the potential of the future that I could not yet see. So that’s exactly what we did. Melanie listened, guided, helped me see what I could not, and held me accountable when I started back sliding, telling myself the same stories that only brought me down. In just a year I went from a sole focus on work and otherwise feeling lost to looking at my entire life with a beautifully positive, open, accepting mind and heart. In this year, I achieved the height of my career, traveled around the world (twice), opened myself to love and being loved again, and gained a true understanding of who I am and what is wonderful about me that I can share with the world — in a way that I truly value. In short, in just over a year, I found my light and now I am shining as bright as I can.

Tracey Houck, Esquire
Tracey Houck, EsquireThe Harris Law Firm
Melanie encouraged me to pry myself off the carousel horse and stop going around in circles.  Now I can really see how unhealthy and stagnant my life had become–no wonder I was so miserable underneath the facade!

Thanks to Melanie, I am moving ahead with new dreams and a peaceful, positive attitude.  I used to wake up with a feeling of dread; now I wake up truly happy to greet the day.  If you think this kind of change is impossible for you, you owe it to yourself to give Melanie a try. She is an amazing listener, a straightforward advisor, and a coaching genius.  Melanie Yost saved my life, and she can give you the tools and map to change yours!

Martha Stowe
Martha StoweTrue Equine | Franklin, TN
Working with Melanie Yost has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I sought out her services because I felt stuck in my business venture, but I quickly realized that what she brought to the table for me reached well beyond business.

Melanie has an uncanny ability to see through the excuses, the whining, complaining, the poverty mentality, and really get to the heart of the matter. She is incredibly intuitive, direct and to the point, and gives step by step guidance that allows real forward movement to take place. If you want to move every area of your life forward, including your personal finances, your business, your relationships, and your health, I highly recommend contacting Melanie immediately! You, can start living your best life… today!

Cathy Kwan
Cathy KwanBlue Koala Physiotherapy | United Kingdom
Melanie was GREAT to work with!  She has such a good sense of humor, and was able to give me a kick up the arse with great gentleness.  She has a lot of wisdom and experience to give, and do that with compassion.

  I learned a great deal not only about running my business but also about myself so I now have greater skills for life.

Working with Melanie has really transformed my business – literally.  I am not sure I would still be in business if I hadn’t made the decision to work with her.  I really like her approach of addressing the whole person and business together – addressing blocks to progress within me AND in my business.

Barbara Gustavson
Barbara GustavsonLeadership Coach |
One of the reasons I came to Melanie was because I was feeling overwhelmed with building my business and I had some strong limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I chose to work with her after I attended one of her workshops and she was able to help me identify key areas where I needed to grow.

While working with Melanie my focus, confidence and business have grown which has resulted in more clients and speaking opportunities. Having Melanie as my coach has been invaluable and has equipped me to take my business to a much higher level.   I am so grateful for her intuition, compassion and expertise!

Cynthia Pixley
Cynthia PixleyPhotographer | Pixels by Pixley
Working with Melanie has been a breath of fresh air.  As someone more or less moving from a hobby to a business, the tasks I knew I had to complete seemed overwhelming and unmanageable. While the list was long, we tackled it together.

She pushed me to tease out the reasons  the “why” in doing what I want to do. She helped me to articulate what I had to offer that was different than other photographers. Once I understood what made me unique, we outlined timelines  from tomorrow, the end of the year, and then beyond.  We also discussed mission and vision statements as well as product offerings and price points.  She has helped me to believe that what I think I am able to do is in fact, real.

Randy Rabney
Randy RabneyRealtor | Hearth Realty Group Real Estate Agency NJ
I have valued Melanie’s support and advice over and over again throughout the development of my business. She is smart, creative and holds a vision for my success. She is insightful and direct and is not afraid to tell you what she sees but does so in a way that is compassionate and leaves you empowered.

I have seen Melanie ask the exact question or make the exact comment that has moved people out of places in which they didn’t even realize they were stuck. This is a rare gift, not only to have it, but to be able to use it effectively to help others get past what is holding them back, so they can grow and achieve greater things.

Rita Girard
Rita GirardExecutive Director | Mental Health America of Fredericksburg
I met Melanie Yost two years ago. I was struggling in my job. I was single and wanting to find my soulmate. I had been seeking Divine Guidance and wasn’t getting answers (so I thought). I was feeling desperate and frustrated.

Three different people (inside of two weeks) suggested that I talk to Melanie. I did and signed up for six months of coaching. It changed my life!
She helped me by teaching me different methods and processes of sorting out the overwhelming thoughts and feelings and finding solutions to the issues that I face.
Two years later, I am married to the love of my life and live in a new home with a pool, I have found ways to find satisfaction in my job, and have the deep connection with the God of the Universe that I always knew was possible!
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